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Alexis is active on twitter and Instagram

For literary inquiries and creative rights, contact Jay Mandel:


For YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST, please contact Brianna Linden and Lydia Hirt:



For television inquiries, contact Bradly Singer:



For speaking engagements, please contact Julie Leventhal:

JLeventhal@wmeagency.com jules@wmeagency.com

Feel free to get in touch with Alexis directly at alexistainescoe@gmail.com but before you do, read this first!

  1. For professional invitations, please get in touch with the offices above. Feel free to cc Alexis. 

  2. Due to the volume of requests, Alexis regrets she cannot respond to individuals who want to learn more about her trajectory or seek professional advice. She directs you to interviews she's given at New York Magazine and on the Stoner podcast, but there are far more out there for you to read and listen to!

  3. Please don't send Alexis your unpublished work. She cannot read it. 

  4. Alexis is not looking for a new assistant or intern at this time. Please follow her on social media to keep up with new opportunities.